Pamela Brewer Ceramic Artist
Whether viewing Pam's unique non-traditional mosaics or her powerful sculptural animal imagery, her connection and reverence to the natural world is apparent. These two completely different bodies of work are certainly drawn from the same organic source. Both disciplines appear to have emerged from an ancient world, resonating timelessness. But that is where they part ways.

Sculpturally, in a world dominated by multiple layers of information and technology, Pam's sculpture peel away and strip down forms in an attempt to reveal what is hidden beneath. With intentional lack of embellishment, Pam's forms are thoughtful and moving appealing to our primal instincts.

Pam's mosaics on the other hand are worked layer upon layer, and piece by piece. She has created her own style of mosaic which is questionably two dimensional. Her fascination with the act of "putting all of the pieces together" is inspired by a reward found in resurrecting and creating a unity with disparate parts.

"As I have attempted to define my work, I continue to find it difficult to separate the two distinctly different mediums, sculpture and mosaic. The mosaic pleases my study of layering of information working with many parts and pieces to complete a picture. While the sculpture is about building up and stripping down in a simple unfettered form."

Appalachian State University
Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts
John C. Campbell Folk School
Various residencies and private classes

Southern Highland Craft Guild
Toe River Arts Council
Avery Arts Council
Society of American Mosaic Artists